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Wire Fence Product List

Low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire or stainless steel wire 3D fence panel has sturdy structure used in sports fields, residential site, etc.

Anti-climb 358 and 3510 security fence have close mesh holes. They have anti-climbing and anti-cutting features used in prisons, high security sites.

Double wire mesh fence welded by one vertical and two horizontal wires used in school, public places, residential site, sports field, etc.

Australia temporary fence includes welded and chain link temporary fence. They are made of galvanized wire and tubes used as safety barrier and enclosure.

Holland fence is a welded fence with wave horizontal and straight vertical wires. It is used in highway, parks and residential sites, etc.

Palisade fence made of hot, cold steel strip has sturdy structure, various top heads and colors used in school, public sites as deterrent to intruders.

Pool fence is a welded and chain link fence made of low carbon steel wires and tubes. They are used to enclose pool to stop kids falling into

Residential fence is a welded fence made of low carbon steel, Al-Mg alloy wire. The strong structured fence is used to enclose residential buildings.

Sport fence mainly includes chain link, welded sport fence mainly used to enclose sports field and ensure people's safety outside the fence.

Warehouse fence is made of low carbon steel wire, cold drawing wire and iron wire. It is used to separate workshop, warehouse and make them neat.

Wire fence gate not only provides entrance and exit for wire fences but also protects residential houses and property.

Decorative wire border fence is a beautiful and decorative garden fence used to protect and support plants in parks, gardens, flower bed, yard.

Roll top fence is a high quality and safe welded fence with triangle folded edges at top and bottom to protect kids from getting heads caught.

Defensive fence is made of galvanized wire, PVC wire or aluminum alloy wire. Its sturdy structure and the spikes keep intruders out of the fence.

Canada temporary fence is welded colorful fence. Temporary fence is easy to install and take down used as barrier in road, construction site, etc.

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